Friday, August 3, 2012

Cycling Trivialities

"Who cares in a hundred years from now?"

What in this life is worth dying for?  I don't know if people in American society would die for much of anything.  The world we live in is shellacked with bright colors, covering the lifeless grey.  We fake happiness to ourselves and friends, we buy new cars every two or three years.  We jet-set to far away lands, which--strangely enough--shrink smaller every day with new technological cultivation on the horizon.  TVs, iPads, and Xboxes entertain our shallow, apathetic minds.  I wonder, do we ever venture past the boundaries of the modern every day hum-drum, the busy bustling that occupies our minds?  Do we sit still long enough to allow things to shift and unsettle, revealing the need for more?

What is worth standing up for?  What is worth the sacrifice?  Do we even know what sacrifice is?

It's too comfortable in America right now, but I feel the world moving.  Things will change...they are changing right now.  The earth is setting us up for a time worthy of a place in an epic poem.  I can feel the hosts in the sky collectively holding their breath.  Eyes are watching, and yet we don't see them.  Do you feel the tingling?

What's our next move?  There's a battle, there's a war.  Troops mobilize.  Somewhere on an invisible plane that finite eyes can't see, thousands rally together to begin what has been written before time.  Feet are marching, the sound is echoing, but earthly ears can't hear it, even if they strain.  It is only felt with a sixth sense, a God-given indescribable feeling.  A warning, a pulsing vibration that begins at the core of the earth.  A groaning.

Whispers in heaven bounce back in forth between other-worldly creatures.  The very seraphim covering the face of God long to look on the spectacle.  "What will they do?"  The whispers quietly undulate.

Time ticks on, though dragging.  Gravity still holds us captive.  The earth orbits the sun, and why wouldn't it?  It hasn't been ordered to stop yet.   But soon it will.  Everything will stand still, dangling in place like a mobile in a classroom that has lost its momentum to twirl.  The planets will halt without the necessary force that caused them to travel in the first place.  All other galaxies will flicker, then be extinguished after a slight hesitation.

The spotlight brightens and focuses on us and our terrestrial ball.  The glare is so bright, it can never be fathomed.  The sound of royal trumpets, and the skies turn colors unseen--brilliant joyous hues.  Something is coming, as the sky is rent in pieces, like shreds of paper.  He's coming.

But not's so close that all of nature is quaking and trembling in anticipation.

And yet, here we live and breathe in our ignorant humanity.  We trample the poor, we slaughter the sick and homeless.  We rape the young, beat and neglect the old.  We watch the hungry starve, but we don't notice them.  They are right before our blind eyes, the same eyes that soak in the images on a screen, and the garbled messages reach our brains faintly, but they are easily forgotten.  Death, disease and spilled blood, we are all exposed to these. Do we move? No.  It's all so trivial.  A hundred years from now, a movie or song will not matter.  A TV show that was once popular, people won't remember it or even care.  They'll remember a struggle though, the fight for what was right.  They'll  read about it.  But right now, we are missing something Great, something worth dying for.

"So, what's it going to be?  When it all comes down to cycling trivialities?"  

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