Monday, June 25, 2012

Books in the Books Biz

I haven't written in quite sometime...I should introduce myself to those of you who don't know me.  I'm a semi-psychotic girl with borderline personality disorder.  I'm impulsive at new kick is antique typewriters.  I think I bought five within 48 hours.  My husband nearly crapped his pants and hit the roof.  You're probably wondering, "Why typewriters?"  Well, I'm into antique typewriters because of my new job.

I help people self-publish their projects (anything from cookbooks to genealogies).  The first few weeks have been quite slow, so I would read old LIFE magazines on Google Books.  In a 1955 magazine, I fell hopelessly and helplessly in love with an ad about the Royal Deluxe Quiet typewriter.  Peptobismol pink.  My good gosh, I was pathetically obsessed.

A couple days later, it was Frye moccasins...I couldn't stop.  

Needless to say, I expelled the evil spirit of impulsiveness that comes around every three or four months.  My poor husband.  

I love doing the book thing.  I love designing the covers, formatting the book block.  I even like scanning the massive genealogy documents that have found their way to my desk.  As long as I keep myself busy, I excel.  That's how this being crazy stuff have to find a routine to throw yourself into, work furiously on it and smile.  When you smile a pretty smile, people think you're wonderful.  People think you could be their next best friend.  That's how you survive the day.  Read as much as you can to stuff your brain full of useless knowledge you obsess over while you can't sleep later on.  That's how you survive the night.     

I've traced the British Royal line from Charlemagne to Elizabeth II.  I have read about most of the high profile serial killers and rapists.  I found out that Ted Bundy (infamous serial rapist and murder) died the day I was born.  I find that ironic...since I was raped in college.  Maybe his death was a curse?  Maybe he still found me, only in the body of a spoiled man-child who preyed on, and probably still preys on, innocent freshmen.  God, if I know.

I've read every page of the Bible.  I believe it.  I'm constantly striving to be like Jesus, I just fail about 99% of the time.  He's gracious...He's been good to me, despite my rough past.

Anyways, I'm Kaylea.  I'm slightly crazy...but I can be very charming, funny, maybe a little sarcastic and crude sometimes.  I am foul mouthed most times, short-tempered as well.  I constantly feel guilty, but at the same time I'm not ashamed of who I am.  It's a weird balance. 


  1. OMG you bounce! Yet I get it! I am glad you started another blog. I couldnt' get the darn thing up at first... infact I had to reboot... that is how dedicated I was to reading it! I just got rid of a type writer... but probably not what you call a "cool" one... more like something Mary Tyler Moore would have had in the newsroom. Katie is into records and record players! Your choice in reading is crazy considering the libraries full of books about LOVE and Romance... and the whole college thing.... no words... :(

    I am excited for this. I really loved your other one. I dont' think you wrote much after you wrote the peice about Trista.

    I am ready to read.....

  2. I have a 70s typewriter that is a fabulous blue. Records and record players...they're awesome. Someday I will have an antique shop dedicated to things like that. :) I'm glad you read. I doubt anyone else will. But I haven't wrote much since she died. It really had an impact on me that still hurts now. As for what happened in college, ever day is better than it was before. That's something to hold on to. I don't mind books on romance and love, I just have the hardest time believing love and fairy-tale endings. I feel like a cynical old woman, and Breck is always reminding me that there is love. And it's real...maybe I'll take you up on the romance novel thing. It would be good to get out of the crazy information I store up on late at night. :)

  3. I read it :) but I'm a crazy stalked like that! Plus I luv u too pieces Hehehe I look forward to reading Ur blog and watching God work through Ur life! Love u!

  4. I don't mind you stalking me! I love you too, Kaycee! :)