Monday, September 9, 2013

Bombs in Syria

Should we or should we not strike Syria?

It's been several weeks since images of the devastation of Syrian civil war leaked into the news.  And now, the White House even has a video of people, including young children, dying from the gas attacks.  Thousands have died.

Is it wrong?  


Should we interfere?  

In my opinion, no.

We have spent the last twelve years in war in the Middle East, and Syria's civil war isn't the only conflict where thousands of people are losing their lives.  Egypt anyone? Libya?  And there are even more countries where people have been systematically killed and we turned a blind eye.  My question for the president is simply this:  What about Syria is so different that we should get involved?  Iraq is a prime example of jumping into a war for reasons that aren't readily proven.  Weapons of mass destruction?  And remember, Congress supported Bush then.  Congress isn't so sure now.

We don't want to help the Syrian rebels.  They are al-Qaeda sympathizers.  And honestly, the chemical attack is terrible and gruesome, but what's the difference between that and Egypt's military mowing down innocent people with guns?

What does Syria have that we want?  I really wonder why Obama is pushing this so hard.  Because my generation is tired of the US being the self-proclaimed international policeman that no one wants in their country.  Personally, I think intervention in Iraq helped the country and opened up a life for women and children who were treated like animals.  All the same, looking back, was it worth the billions of dollars and thousands of lives we spent?  I don't think we are in a place financially to spread ourselves out even more thin, actually both monetarily and with our troops.  We should be wrapping up the wars we are still in now.  It's been twelve years.  We have been in war for half of my life now.  It's time for it to end.

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