Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Talk, Talk, Talk

Blither, blather, blither, blather.  Just nonsense.  Politicians gab away about what they can and will fix.  Will they live up to the self-created hype?  Probably not.  This election was full of disillusionment.  I am that voter, you know, the one that doesn't feel like her needs are being met.  I am a woman, but I'm not going to force the right of my uterus upon you.  Do certain body parts have rights?  According to Sophia Bush, yes they do, and you better back off of them (#backoffmyuterus).

I am a rape victim, myself.  It's true--I don't believe people, especially men, understand what rape does to an individual's mind and soul.  I also think that you can't make people understand something that has never happened to them.  I can't force anyone to think or feel the way I do.  That being said, I don't believe abortion is an answer to rape or any other means of conception.  Would I gripe at a woman who got an abortion?  No.  Do I deride other people for not believing the way I do?  No.  Do I explain my views and the reasons I believe the things I do?  Occasionally.

This is one of those times.

As a woman in the modern times, I realize that men have better opportunities than us, and possibly they are paid more than us for doing the same jobs.  I--too--see that there are terrible stereotypes that society thinks we should conform to.  Yes, I hate all the sexy ads with scantily clad women who are rail thin.  I hate how the world pressures us into thinking that if we don't fit these stereotypes, we're overweight, out of place, and unworthy of love.  If we don't show enough cleavage, we aren't sexy, and therefore we shouldn't be upset if we can't get a date or if we are left for someone better.  I hate that women aren't taken seriously, but are sometimes portrayed as advancing because of looks or sexual acts with people in places of authority.  "Women aren't as smart as men, therefore they can't possibly have what it takes to lead."  If they're in a position of authority, I have heard people question as to why.  On the other side of this, you have the outcome of the sexual revolution.

I hate that being "sexually active" is the norm.  I hate that girls who choose to remain celibate until marriage are treated like snobbish prudes.  A girl can brag about sex with all the different men (or women) in the world, but the virgin is chagrined into silence.  People find it weird and unhealthy to "suppress" sexual activity or fantasies.  I can see their faces now, frowning and dismissive:  Please don't talk about your views on saving sex for marriage, you naive child.  

Despite the supposed progress of our nation, a woman who does brag or talk about her sexual ventures is still thought of as a whore.  Let's be honest.  But a guy with plenty of scores, no big deal.  He's cool.  Older men can date much younger women.  Yes, that is "normal."  But cougars and older women dating younger men is weird to think about, isn't it?  Even without morality in the equation, gender equality is all kinds of screwed up.  Don't let society fool you.  The way women were looked at fifty years ago still exists, it's just in the back of everyone's mind.  The only difference is that we don't speak of it.

Despite disagreeing with society's definition of what a woman should be, I don't agree with liberal feminists either.  Women want freedom to practice safe sex.  That's fine--none of my business, but then they go to companies and want to force on the them things like birth control, abortion costs and such.  Yeah...that doesn't make sense to me.  If you want the freedom to do things, accept the costs and consequences of said actions.

You do have the freedom to have rampant sex.  You have the freedom to buy birth control or condoms.  Then do it.  Please don't expect someone else to do it for you.  And when you do get knocked up, don't expect your place of work to provide insurance coverage for your day-after pills or whatever other procedure you choose to get done--especially if said company is run by Christian people with Christian values, ex. Hobby Lobby or Mardel.  Same goes for Chick-fil-a.  They reserve the right not to support things like abortion, because that is their belief.

I'm tired of people getting all up in a huff over Christian companies who don't want to except gay marriage or abortion.  I'm tired of Christians being bullied into a corner on these issues.  Yes, I am a woman.  But I think too many women are selfish and want birth control and certain services given to them because they are women.  They feel they are entitled to it.  They excuse murder, but then I hear them accusing politicians who say stupid things about rape.  Yeah, those guys are freakin' idiots.  But don't fool yourselves, ladies.  I highly doubt the millions of babies aborted up until this point were from incidents of rape.  In fact, I would venture to say that very very few of them are from rape victims at all.  Most of them are from selfish women who want to sleep around without a cost to themselves.  Most are probably from teenagers who have no clue what they are doing, and they are afraid.  Don't get me wrong--I don't believe in shunning people who get pregnant out of wedlock.  I don't believe in being hateful to them.  I'm not going to treat people who have had abortions like they are terrible people.  Everyone makes mistakes, but no one seems to see that these mistakes come at such a high cost for the mother and child.  In fact, the cost is very high for our nation in general.  Millions of lives have been wiped away, and do we seriously think we won't be held accountable?

If you are going to play with fire, plan on getting burned.  If you end up with consequences you don't like, accept responsibility.  Don't murder your kid.  And if you plan on murdering your own child, then don't joke yourself into thinking everyone wants to support that.  I don't support your "right" to abortion.  And I'm not sorry about it.

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